USDA Required Inspections

Typically, we only require a full appraisal and termite inspection on each USDA Home Loan.

However, if the property has a water well as its main water source, a well water test will be required.

Description of Inspections:

  • The Appraisal is a inspection that is done to determine the market value of the home. Typically, this ranges in costs from $450-$500 depending on your area. The appraisal department will select the appraiser.
  • The Termite Inspection is an inspection that is done to determine if there are any wood destroying insects present. Typically, this ranges in costs from $75-$125 depending on your area. You can select any termite inspector you wish to use and pay the fee directly to them.
  • The Well Water Test is a chemical and bacteria test done on the well water to ensure water is safe for drinking. This is administered by a local water testing facility and the fee is paid directly to them.

*Additional inspections may be required.

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