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Title Insurance

Closing on a home? Then title insurance is imperative. Buyers need this owner’s policy when buying a home. Closing costs usually encompass the fee of obtaining this important insurance, which is worth every penny. When purchasing a home there are some fees that may be worth arguing over but title insurance is not one of them. Keep reading to find out why.


Choosing a Builder

Building a new home? Then you’re going to need a builder specializing in new construction. Finding reputable home builders can be like looking through a sea of oysters for that one pearl. But it doesn’t have to be. Armed with a plan and the right information, a homebuyer can feel confident he or she will make the right decision when it comes to choosing a builder for his or her new home.


Buying vs Renting

Should someone who needs a home buy or rent in today’s market? Buying and renting both come with their own sets of benefits and negative aspects, so the answer will vary for every potential homebuyer. Our agents specialize in helping first-time buyers determine the best time to buy. If unsure about the process, just present one of these experts the facts and he can guide you in the right direction.


Home Insurance

Purchasing homeowner’s insurance is a good way of insuring your home against loss or damage. Hazard insurance is a similar way to minimize risk. But what kind of insurance coverage does the average homebuyer need? Researching specific insurance questions can save worry, money and potential heartache if something were to happen. Find out exactly what kind of homeowner’s insurance policy you need and why.


New Homes vs Resale Homes

When buying a home, which is better- new homes or resale homes? There is no right answer to this real estate conundrum. The topic is subjective: what’s best for one person may not be best for another. Each buyer has different tastes, unique needs and must-haves on that house hunting checklist. More often than not, buying a home can bewilder potential owners from the start: that’s where one of our real estate agents can help.


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