New Homes vs Resale Homes

When buying a home, which is better- new homes or resale homes? There is no right answer to this real estate conundrum. The topic is subjective: what’s best for one person may not be best for another. Each buyer has different tastes, unique needs and must-haves on that house hunting checklist. More often than not, buying a home can bewilder potential owners from the start: that’s where one of our real estate agents can help.

Common concerns from buyers interested in purchasing resale homes include:

  • Repairs – There could be issues with repairs and maintenance. The current condition of this home is of key importance but in general, a home inspection will spot any red flags and a wise real estate agent can warn of potential issues.
  • Floor Plans – Years ago, homes were built for families with different lifestyles. A Center Hall Colonial with its formal areas and choppy rooms may be a bit too stuffy for today’s buyer.
  • Storage – Older resale homes may have been built when people didn’t have as much stuff as they do today.

Advantages of buying a pre-existing home include:

  • Extras – A pre-existing house is not a souped-up model in a community of new homes. Buying a home that is not new means every feature added over the years comes with this sale. Some owners may have installed expensive upgrades from which they cannot recoup their money.
  • Timing – Resale homes are complete and some are even vacant. Buyers don’t need to worry about construction time estimates.
  • Location – Suburbia is not for everyone. Looking into some of the nicest parts of metro areas can mean buying a home in an established neighborhood. If location trumps home age, resale homes could come out on top.
  • Lots – Older homes may sit on larger, choice lots as cities could have sold land differently back in the day.

New homes are not always problem-free, as they may lack:

  • Charm – Character is one of the biggest draws to resale homes. New homes don’t always have this crucial factor.
  • Mature Landscaping – Resale homes generally have established lawns and shrubbery but new homes often get the standard landscape package that could take years to mature.

New homes continue attracting buyers for reasons such as:

  • Energy Efficiency – Real estate built today is created to consume less. Such innovations make it less expensive to cool and heat homes.
  • Safety – The construction industry continues improving building materials making them withstand harsh conditions. Buying a home today makes owners not only cozy but safe.
  • Customization – Buyers can have a hand in creating their new homes by choosing colors, countertops and more. Get the most out of buying a home by picking out all those finishing touches.

Warranties – Although our real estate agents can negotiate for warranties to accompany resale homes, it is not necessarily the norm. Builders often provide buyers with warranties for their new homes that provide peace of mind.

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