Choosing a Builder

Building a new home? Then you’re going to need a builder specializing in new construction. Finding reputable home builders can be like looking through a sea of oysters for that one pearl. But it doesn’t have to be. Armed with a plan and the right information, a homebuyer can feel confident he or she will make the right decision when it comes to choosing a builder for his or her new home.

After prospective buyers have decided their budget, type of house desired and general location preferences, they can match those selections with home builders who specialize in such areas.

Get chatty.
Tell everyone in your immediate path that you will soon be building a new home. While some information may be unsolicited advice, try to turn those comments into helpful tips. Ask about personal experiences with a particular builder. Know any legal professionals? Be sure to get the scoop on who is getting sued so you can avoid those companies. How about bankers? Anyone who works hard in the banking and loan servicing industry may know which builders have built the best reputations over the years. Don’t limit yourself to the people you know. Drive over to appealing new construction communities and ask owners what they think of their builders.

Meet and greet.
The homework is done and the short list can get even shorter. It’s time to tour some model homes- now this is the fun part. While there, meander through the new construction development and take in the amenities, neighbors and landscape. If it passes the test, the next step is meeting the builder. Ask pertinent questions and notice not only how well he responds to your questions but also his demeanor. Imagine working with him for months at a time; is this a good thought…or not? If all goes well, ask for references. Even if you feel like he’s a long lost brother- you still need references. Call the references and ask them if you can come by and personally see the work. When it comes to building a new home, don’t take someone’s word, go see what this home builder has created in person.

Exciting as it may be, building a new home entails a boatload of planning. Skipping this stage can lead to squandered money, wasted time and heartaches so it’s best to get it done so they’ll be fewer worries later. Hiring a builder can be a giant step in getting that new construction home. Ask plenty of questions and remember, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Take the time to find a builder you feel good about, so that you can leave it in his hands and enjoy the rest of the home buying and building process

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